Otomagnetics LLC,

a University of Maryland College Park spin-out, is developing a non-invasive method to effectively deliver drugs and other therapeutic payloads to the inner and middle ear.

The inner ear is behind the blood-labyrinth barrier – vessels that supply blood to the inner ear have walls that are impermeable to most drug molecules, and thus it is a challenge to deliver therapy to treat inner ear diseases. In an animal model, Otomagnetics’ proprietary magnetic injection system has demonstrated drug delivery to the inner ear, and has shown improved dosing and therapeutic effect in preclinical models of tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss.

In an animal model, Otomagnetics’ technology has further shown drug delivery to the middle ear, without the need to puncture the ear drum. Magnetic delivery to the middle ear is being considered as a potential non-invasive treatment option for otitis media (middle ear infections).

Note: Otomagnetics products are experimental, and not approved by the FDA for human use.